Meet Your Crew


Is CEO and Instructor at Jetline Simulation Bahamas Ltd. He has had a fascination with airplanes from he was 3 yrs old. At 17 yrs of age he left for Florida to attend Professional Flight Training where he received his Private to Commercial Licenses. Ryan then obtained his Airline Transport Pilot License in 2012. He has logged 6,800 Flight Hours and has flown for a number of the local carriers including the National Flag Carrier Bahamasair! However Ryan grew a passion for simulations from the age of 11yrs old and later left his job at Bahamasair and established Jetline Simulation Bahamas in 2016. It wasn’t until September 2017 that Jetline Simulation Bahamas was opened to the public and thus is the only facility in the Bahamas and the Caribbean that offers such an experience!


The Youngest of all the Instructors at Jetline Simulation Bahamas Ltd. At 17yrs of age he is currently attending college at the University of the Bahamas. Nathan passion for flying began from the age of 6. With a number of his family members being actual pilots he got a chance growing up to hang out at the airport and occasionally go on airplane rides sitting up front at the controls. He has been actively using his flight simulator and keeps current and up-to-date with everything Prepar3D. He is currently part-time but would like to go off to Flight School in the next few months. Nathan has numerous flight simulator hours logged flying the B737NG simulator and is very proficient on how it works. His dream is to become an Airline Pilot and eventually fly his favorite aircraft the Airbus A220 Series. Be sure to follow Nathan on Instagram @Mr_Avi8r !


Is our most Sr. Instructor at Jetline Simulation Bahamas. James has been with the company almost from inception and has done fantastic work as he has flown with hundreds of guest from the Bahamas and Internationally. James is in the process of trying to complete his Private Pilot License and wants to go all the way to Commercial Pilot. His love for airplanes began at an early age and is extremely passionate about the field. Giving guest a fantastic experience each and everytime! And even though he wants to be a Commercial Pilot his goals are to have his own private plane where he can fly to each and every Bahama Island then on to the USA where he wants to touchdown in every State. Follow James on Instagram @jrwoodside95

Collette Moree

Customer Service Representative and Vice President of Operations at Jetline Simulation Bahamas Ltd. Don’t let looks fool you as Collette is the wife of President and CEO Ryan Moree. Collette spent a number of years working at Nassau International Airport as a customer service agent and boarding agent for a local carrier in the Bahamas. Even though she has no physical flying experience she is very knowledgeable about the field of aviation even going as far as to having a favorite aircraft which would be Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. Once you enter the doors at Jetline she is sure to make your visit an enjoyable one.