Absolutely not! Zero experience is required.

We strongly recommend that you book ahead as the experience is every popular and even more so on weekends and holidays.

You can book your flight time online and by phone with us. You can also visit us in the store to book your time.

Our simulator is a fixed based trainer. They do not move, however due to our 220 degree FOV visual system most customers believe they are moving and even hold on when the aircraft turns. We have also added I-max theater type sound system to really give you a feel of bumps, turbulance, thunder claps and landings.

It is extremely realistic as our simulator is an exact replica of a real commercial aeroplane cockpit. In fact it so real that pilots can come to us and use our simulator for their own training requirements.

We invite young pilots from the age of 10 yrs old. There is no maximum age.

Sure can!!! You can bring up to 2 persons and observers are free!

Our simulator is so realistic you may have sweaty palms so in that case we request you bring some gloves to keep your hands dry!! We are kidding!! If you want to bring gloves thats fine but what you really need is some form of ID.

All of our pilots are certified and each hold an ATP (Airline Transport Pilots) certificate.

Comfortable clothing is fine for both men and women. However for women we recommend wearing pants because getting in and out of the simulator can become tight in some cases. As for shoes we recommend flat closed shoes. No slippers permitted if you are flying, as for observers its fine.

It sure is fully enclosed. Also  if you have issues with confined spaces please let us know upon your arrival at our facility.

Unfortunately our location is not suitable for wheelchairs nor disabled access. We by no means intend to discriminate but it is for customer safety.  The simulator is an exact replica of the Boeing 737, some mobility is required to enter and exit the cockpit.

Oh don’t worry  about that! From a database of over 24,000 airports worldwide your instructor will be able to help you make a decision.

Well we do request that you be to the facility and checked in no later than 15 min to departure. For whatever reason you are not able to make it by 10min after departure time your session will start to be deducted for the time you have lost.

We request a 48hr notice if you have to reschedule and then you will not be charged to reschedule.

We will be introducing that shortly!

Well thats really an unfortunate case but because your spot is booked and if you were to no-show you would be charged for the full session. Main reason is because we could have had another paying client for that slot.