Single & Dual Sessions


Take to the skies along with your instructor who is going to be your copilot and discover a few of our 25,000 airports worldwide. With longer sessions plan a flight from from cold and dark and go from gate to gate. Or do numerous Touch n’ Go’s in your hometown airport or try a few of our Extreme Airports

30min – $82.00

45min – $104.99

60min – $139.00

75min – $178.00

90min – $190.00

120min – $225.00


Share the cockpit with a family member or a friend and take turns supporting each other as you do take-offs and landings into numerous airports while seeing who can have the smoothest touchdown! Great for couples, team building and families!

30min – $149.99

45min – $184.00

60min – $245.00

75min – $306.00

90min – $340.00

120min – $390.00