Welcome Aboard Captain

Welcome Aboard Captain! You will be the pilot onboard this flight to FUN and ADVENTURE! Got any passengers? We allow a total of 2 First Class Passengers and 2 Coach Passengers to watch you as you take to the SKIES. Be sure before you start the engines that you turn the FASTEN SEAT BELT SIGN to the ON position. Make sure that all phones are in AIRPLANE MODE. After you Start Up both Engines go ahead and taxi to the active runway. When cleared for takeoff go ahead and set Take-Off Thrust! V1 ROTATE V2…. POSITIVE CLIMB retract the Landing Gear. Make sure to get to at least 500FT before making a Left or Right Turn. Take a moment to take in the breath taking view as the plane accelerates to your cruising altitude! Select Auto Pilot ON or Manually Fly the airplane to where you want to go! Remember to run the landing checklist before touchdown. Check that the Landing Gear is Down and Flaps are FULL. 50FT….. 40FT….. 30FT…… 20FT……. 10FT…… TOUCHDOWN…… Apply the Reverse Thrust to the Engines while slowly pressing the Brake Pedals. Congratulations!! You Have have successfully completed your first flight on our B737NG aircraft. Taxi to the Gate and greet your passengers as they deplane….. Complete your shut down checklist and you are DONE!

Thanks again for flying and We Hope to See You Again Soon!